Air Distribution System (ADS) and HVAC ...

It is not about the equipment! No variable-speed, zone-control system with learning thermostat will insure occupant comfort or protect indoor air quality.

Homes today are so well insulated that the distribution of air is no longer a function of the heating/cooling requirements, it is the direct function of the volume and architecture of space.

Healthy IAQ depends upon much more airflow than the heating/cooling equipment will need.

The volume and design of each room requires a certain amount of air delivered at a set velocity.

Variable airflow systems violate that basic engineering principal and thus fail to provide comfort and humidity control.

The ADS must be designed into the home, fully coordinated aesthetically, with all structural elements and the pressure/thermal boundary.

A healthy, comfortable home cannot be assured by allowing a mechanical contractor to improvise the installation during construction.

imgADS 1
Return and supply diffusers should be attractive…
imgADS 2
Proper net free area for quiet operation…
imgADS 3
…throw and spread for ideal diffusion of air into the living space.
imgADS 6
typical ‘improvised installation
imgADS 7
Disciplined ADS, designed and coordinated within the structure
imgADS 8
Cleanly arranged equipment...
imgADS 9
well coordinated with plumbing and other trades.