EQC Projects & Details

Setting an Example at School

The Carolina Friends School has a long history of instilling moral leadership in its students.  Over the last three decades, we have helped them demonstrate their commitment to our environment by building healthy, durable, energy-efficient buildings.

All have been insulated using Dense Pack Cellulose to levels well beyond Energy Code with careful attention to moisture management.

Our typical “twinned equipment” heating, cooling and air distribution systems (ADS) are particularly appropriate for buildings that sit empty all night and then experience bursts of occupancy with the attending humidity of students going in and out the doors.

Perhaps our most interesting effort was converting a large steel framed metal building—one of the earliest structures on campus—into a modern, well insulated and geothermally conditioned gymnasium.

Leaving the metal shell intact, we insulated the roof from above and then constructed thermally broken, highly insulated walls from the outside in.

We had a 20 ton geothermal loop drilled into the Middle School playground feeding two, “twinned” systems—four stages of cooling and heating—allowing the building to go from unoccupied to having dozens of very active students.

The air distribution system is made of washable fabric (in the School colors) which is so quiet the School can hold Quaker Meeting there.