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Modernist Homes

If a Modernist Home were to be “a machine for living in,” as Le Corbusier intended, surely it would include a well-designed HVAC system. 

Modernism’s clean designs, often constructed on slabs and with contact ceilings, lead designers to want the Air Distribution System located within trusses.  Structural beams and plumbing drains make our typical practice of “improvising” the installation nearly, if not completely impossible!

Supply and return grilles should not be dreaded aesthetic compromises, they should be designed into the home for both beauty and function.

Modernism should also embrace the reality of climate change, the need to reduce our use of fossil fuels and the potential for a home to produce as much electricity as it consumes.

With triple glazed windows on the near horizon, if the roof, walls and floor were very well insulated, a Modernist Home could be on a credible path to near net-zero energy consumption.