EQC Projects & Details

Natural Bungalow

On one of the highest elevations around, with rock outcroppings and boulders, chestnut oaks and other interesting botanicals, the owner wanted a structure that expressed his affection for those things of nature.

At 8,000sf, it was built of boulders, with a massive chimney the kids could actually rock climb, and cypress logs preserved at the bottom of rivers.

I put radiant heat in a flag stone floor, insulated the entire enclosure with the most natural Dense Pack Cellulose.  But I also had to design an HVAC system that allowed the family to burn huge fires in three different fireplaces—relying on the radiant heat and a fan-powered make up air system.

The building assemblies “breathe” naturally, too:  wood and earth pigmented plaster interior finishes, Dense Pack Cellulose, plywood, old fashioned builders felt, and stone, wood shakes and stucco, all hygroscopic materials, properly flashed and vented.